Welcome to MCS Pottery!

I am Martha Stolz of MCS Pottery.  I use stoneware clays in the production of my pottery.

My bowls, mugs, yarn bowls, jars and vases are made using wheel-thrown pottery techniques.  My angels and ornaments are made using hand building pottery techniques.  Many of my pottery pieces are then etched with floral designs and  underglaze is used to add color.  These etched surfaces add texture and interest to each pottery piece.  All of my pottery products are microwave, oven and dishwasher safe.

I started making pottery yarn bowls a few years ago.  Each pottery yarn bowl is unique and made to be used by yarn enthusiasts to keep the yarn untangled, away from frisky paws, and they are beautiful table pieces when the yarn project sits idle.  The pottery yarn bowls offer a variety of options for the placement of the yarn or the use of multiple yarns in one project and provide a resting place for knitting needles when not in use.   

I create each piece of pottery by hand from start to finish with special attention given to detail that can be felt as well as seen. Most pottery pieces start as a simple lump of clay on my potter's wheel.  The clay is then transformed into objects of beauty that can be used in our everyday world.


MCS Pottery